Unissense Marketplace Seller Guide

This guide covers the basics of Unissense Marketplace; starting with registering a seller account, manage products, create store and then what to do next. This page aims to provide a brief overview and will signpost you to the relevant sections in our guide for full details on everything covered.

Seller Registration

Register as Seller

The very first thing to do is register as a seller in Unissense Marketplace. Simply click the Register as seller in the 'Sellers' dropdown at the top of the website.

Register as seller https://www.unissense.com/marketplace/seller/create/



Seller Registration Form

After filling registration form, you will have to wait for admin approval, once admin has approved email will be sent to your registered email id. In that email you will get credentials to login to Seller Dashboard.

Seller Login https://www.unissense.com/marketplace/seller/login/

Create Store / Manage Seller Profile

Create Store Form

After login into Seller account, by clicking the My profile link a seller can create their store after filling information into the form.

Create store form https://www.unissense.com/marketplace/seller/addprofile/
  1. Store Name: Enter your store name.
  2. Country: Enter your country name.
  3. Contact number: Sellers can enter the contact number.
  4. Description: Sellers can enter the description of their product.
  5. Store Logo: Sellers can upload their store logo here.
  6. Twitter url: Sellers can link their Twitter account.
  7. Facebook page url: Sellers can link their Facebook page.
  8. Google+ page url: Sellers can link their Google+ page.
  9. Linkedin page url: Sellers can link their Linkedin page.
  10. Meta keyword: A meta keywords tag is supposed to be a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your product. The meta keywords tag is very useful in helping pages to win on search engines.
  11. Meta Description: The meta description is designed to provide a brief description of your product which can be used by search engines or directories.
  12. Process Payment via Bank/PayPal Account: Sellers can provide payment method information. If PayPal is selected then seller can enter their PayPal account number.

Manage Products

Manage Products Page

Seller has an option to add, edit and delete the products. Go to seller account dashboard and click Manage products, where you will be able to see the Add new product button, list of products with product name, product type, price, status and action.

Manage products page https://www.unissense.com/marketplace/product/manage/

Add Product

By clicking the Manage Products -> Add New Products Button, a seller can add products to their stores.

Below is the explanation of each tabs of Add product form.

Product Categories Tab
Product Categories tab

Seller has an option to select the appropriate category for their products.

General Tab
General tab
  • Name: Enter the product name.
  • Description: Enter the description about the product.
  • Short Description: Enter the short description about the product.
  • Weight: Enter the Weight of the product for simple product type.
  • SKU: Enter the SKU for your product. Without page refresh it will check whether the entered SKU is available or not.
Price Tab
Price tab
  • Price: Enter the price for the product.
  • Special Price: Enter special price for the product.
  • Special Price From Date: Specify starting date to offer special price.
  • Special Price To Date: Specify ending date to close special price.
Shipping Tab
Shipping tab
  • Select Default Country: Set default country of the Seller here.
  • Select Shipping: Two types of shipping is available, they are Free and Shipping Cost. If one selects the Shipping Cost then two fields will be displayed to get the national and international shipping price for that product. Default country should be selected by seller. If a customer purchase this product from the Seller’s default country then national shipping price will be calculated, otherwise international shipping price will be calculated. Shipping amount will be sent to seller.
Images Tab
Images tab

Seller can upload multiple images of your product.

Meta Information tab
Meta Information tab
  • Meta Title: Enter Meta Title.
  • Meta Keywords: Enter Meta Keywords.
  • Meta Description: Enter Meta Description.
Inventory tab
Inventory tab
  • Qty: Specify available product quantity for sale.
  • Stock Availability: Set product availability status.
Compare Price tab
Compare Price by assigning Existing Product[s] Tab

Enter the product name as comma separated to compare this product with the entered products.
In product detail page of the entered product, this product will be displayed with 'Add to cart' Button.
In product detail page, minimum starting price and number of sellers who provide this product will be displayed.

Custom Options tab
Custom Options Tab

Custom Options is for products that will require additional information.

Add New Option:
Enter a Title to be used as a label for this option. Select the Input Type for this field, such as text or dropdown. Set “Is Required” to Yes, if this should be selected before purchase. To control the sequence of options, enter a number in the Sort Order field to determine the sequence of this option when listed with other options. The number 1 puts this option at the list.

Add New Row:
Enter a Title to be used as a label for this variation.
If applicable, enter the Price of the variation as a markup or markdown from the base price of the product.

Set Price Type to one of the following:

Sets the price of the option to a fixed amount, such as $1.

Sets the price of the option to a percentage of the base price of the product, such as 10%. Enter the SKU for the option. The option SKU is a suffix that is added to the SKU of the main product record. To control the sequence of options, enter a number in the Sort Order field to determine the sequence of this option when listed with other options. The number 1 puts this option at the list.

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