Features of Unissense Marketplace

1. Seller Section

  • Sellers can manage their products; they can perform Add/edit/delete operations on their products.
  • Sellers can manage their company profile; Sellers can list their Company Profile, Business details, Certificates, QR code, Contact card, Short description about their company.
  • Available at function; Sellers can add products with links of same product to Buy from Other stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • Analytical reports; Seller can get analytical reports of their products like Product views report, sells report.
  • Professionalism; Seller will get popularity based on their Professionalism.

2. Professionalism

  • Unissense have Seller Professionalism feature on the base of professionalism score, customer can able to check that seller is reliable or not.
  • Initially all the Sellers / Company / Manufacturer have 100% Professionalism
  • Professionalism is counting based on the Activities of the Sellers

3. Reports

  • Product view: Sellers can track the views of their products from country wise and date wise.
  • Conversion reports: Sellers can track how many users are redirect to their available at links. They also can check country wise and date wise conversions.
  • Professionalism reports: Sellers can track the professionalism score.

4. Order Management

  • Sellers can directly manage their orders from Seller panel.
  • They can get order emails.

5. Available at Feature

  • Unissense offers available at feature to put same product links from different websites like eBay, Amazon, etc. in product page.
  • This feature helps seller to increase their product position in search engine as they are adding same product links from different website its call link building technics.
  • Also we are helping Amazon, eBay like websites to increase their customers and sales with this feature.

6. Seller Reviews

  • With the help of this feature sellers can get reviews from customers.
  • Customer provide ratings in stars, also they can write about the seller services in comment box.

7. Seller Vacation Mode

  • Sellers can enable vacation mode if they are going on long vacation. They can easily manage their availability.

8. Powerful Search

  • Unissense provides the smart search facility from where customer can find products easy and fast.
  • Customers can easily get the product suggestions while they typing in the search box.
  • Unissense Advance search feature is also awesome; customers can search.

9. Deals of the day timer

  • Unissense offering Daily deals.
  • There will be timer placed in the product description page.
  • Daily deal helps to increase the sales.
  • There is a Deals of the day section on homepage
  • There is a completely different page for Deals: https://www.unissense.com/deals

10. Bestseller Products

  • Bestseller products are displaying on homepage.
  • All the top selling products will display on Bestseller products slider on homepage.

11. Latest Products

  • All the latest products are displaying on latest product slider on homepage.
  • Latest product feature will help sellers to increase their sales because all the latest products are displaying on homepage and it is visited by lots of customers daily.

12. Seller Profile

  • Seller profile page contains all the information of seller like Company profile, Contact details, QR Code, Certificates, About company, Contact form. It also contains products, categories, user ratings, professionalism score, etc.

13. Stock Market Update Scroll on Homepage

  • Users will also get the stock market related updates on Unissense marketplace.
  • There will be a scrollbar on top of the homepage for stock market updates.

14. Currency Convertor and Calculator

  • With the help of this feature website users can able to covert currency quickly and can able to calculate it very fast.
  • Currency convertor and calculator will be displayed on homepage.

15. Business and Finance Newsfeed

  • With the help of this feature website users can get the updates about business and finance news around the world.
  • This will show on the homepage.

16. Inquiry Cart

  • With the help of this feature buyers/customers can add multiple products in inquiry cart.
  • They can inquire on multiple products at a same time.

17. Brands

  • Seller can able to insert brands on each product.
  • With the help of this feature, customers can filter products by brands.
  • Also this feature helps customers to find products very easily and fast.
  • Customers can directly filter products by brands on seller’s profile page as well.

18. Advertisement Blocks Around the Website

  • With the help of the advertisement blocks seller can sell their products quickly.
  • Sellers can advertise their latest products on Unissense marketplace and they get large audience and customers easily.
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