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We provide effective services to professional sellers on Unissense to help them save time, improve their product listings and sell more products. We can help you create product listings and upload your products on Unissense marketplace. We can also create feeds or inventory files for uploading inventory.

We understand the importance of uploading accurate, informative content that has the proper categorization to maximize your results on Unissense. This helps determine your discoverability and also dictates the consumers decision making. Please browse through the various services we offer below.

Services we provide

Product Title

Having a good and accurate title is essential to help consumers find your products. We will include the item name and the following details to your product listing:

  • Brand name, series, model number, quick code
  • Size and color
  • Product type- list characteristics, main features

Product Images

Having a high quality and accurate product image directly impacts sales. We will ensure that your product image is clear and accurate and we will also offer image enhancement services including image retouching, image masking, image cleanup, image processing, image resizing, image background editing where applicable.

  • We will ensure that your main product image is highly visible and has a white background
  • We will remove additional and unnecessary items from the background to display only the main product
  • We will ensure that we follow all technical specifications identified by Unissense, such as size, resolution, and preferred file format
  • We will ensure that each image is in full form and has an accurate image URL without spaces or invalid characters.

Key Product Features

We will summarize your products main features with short phrases and sentences to help your consumer learn more about your product and continue on to read the product description.

  • We will ensure that all info is very descriptive and consists of facts only
  • We will highlight the main features and benefits of the product and also provide details such as model numbers, product dimensions, etc.

Product Description

We will clearly describe your product in detail by providing clear, concise, and accurate descriptions for your product listing. We will highlight the key features and important factors such as size, color, and compatibility to ensure they have a clear picture of what the product offers. We will also perform a thorough spell check and grammar check to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Brand and Manufacturer

We will input the brand and manufacturer details to help consumers easily identify products and make searching easier.

Model Number and Part Number

We will input the model number and part number to help consumers determine if they have the accurate product they are searching for.

Box Contents

We will ensure that accessories and additional parts included with the product are listed.

Accurate Product Categorization & Discoverability

We will work to ensure that your products are categorized accurately, contain the correct attributes and specifications, and are optimized for easy search.

We will also ensure that any duplicate pages are replaced and up to date with accurate and relevant information.

Search Terms

We will include all additional phrases and proper search terms that are not included in the product title, but will likely be used to search for the product.

Main Advantages of Working with Us

  • We provide a team of highly skilled product professionals who are dedicated to providing helpful support to Unissense sellers and providing efficient product listing services.
  • We have strong skills and ability to create and maintain product lists on Unissense. Our services are effective at allowing the Unissense seller to exercise more control, flexibility, and economies of scale.
  • Collaborate with us with ease. Easily share product details and information with us via: print or digital catalogues, and URL of the supplier or manufacturer.
  • For your convenience, we will provide you with the CSV files and we can also upload files directly from your remote system.
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